Austin Powers
The Spy Who Shagged Me
Starring: Mike Myers
New Line Cinema
Certificate: 12
Available Now

Having your plans to take over the world thwarted can really put a downer on your day and Dr Evil is having a really bad day. But when he realises that he can travel back in time and guarantee his plans for world domination succeed, the super villain decides to do just that. And while he's at it he can steal his nemesis's charisma and sex appeal (or Mojo)...

It is very rare for the sequel of a spoof to have any real redeeming qualities (we all remember the Police Academy and Naked Gun movies). The decent material is used up in the first movie and the sequels usually just spin out the same old tired jokes.

However, The Spy Who Shagged Me actually builds on the success of the first movie. Ok, it's not as funny but there are some wonderful moments. Dr Evil's miniature version of himself (Mini-Me) is hysterically funny and the addition of another Myers role in Fat-Bastard is pure genius.

Heather Graham as the new 'Power girl' is possibly the only weak part of the movie. The script is not in her favour and she never gets to shine like Hurley.

As expected, there is an impressive amount of additional material on the DVD version. And if you are very lucky you might be able to find the hidden Dr Evil extras which are tucked away inside one of the animated menus.

If you liked the first movie you'll love this.

Darren Rea