Stuart Little

Starring: Geena Davis, Hugh Laurie and Michael J Fox
Columbia Tristar
Certificate: U
Available Now

When Stuart Mouse is adopted by the Little family no one seems to care, or notice, that Stuart is in fact a mouse. However not everyone in the Little household is happy for Stuart to stay. George Little, Stuart's adopted brother, doesn't know what to make of him and the Little's cat certainly wants Stuart out of the way...

Stuart Little has a certain charm. It is a movie aimed squarely at the younger generation and it hits the spot! Most children under the age of 10 will love the movie. However there really isn't enough to keep anyone older than this happy for the 81 minutes of screen time.

Where this DVD is saved is in the extras. And what a collection of extras there is - 1.5 hours to be exact. Not only is there plenty of information on the impressive special effects but there is also a good selection of educational games for the kids.

Probably the most useful extra for the young ones is the reading section. Here your little one can read the Stuart Little story, with optional reading by Michael J Fox should they get stuck. Also of note is the Central Park Adventure Game which can be played on any DVD player.

Another excellent DVD from Columbia Tristar, which is rapidly becoming recognised as the leaders in quality DVD presentations. Don't forget this is a feel good movie for kids and it succeeds in accomplishing this goal - no matter what other critics have said.

Darren Rea