Stargate SG-1
Volume 13
Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks & Amanda Tapping
Certificate: 12
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The SG-1 team discover a crystal human skull on another planet. When Daniel Jackson stares into it's eye sockets he disappears and knowing that Jackson's Grandfather discovered a similar skull in 1971 which he claimed allowed him to travel to another planet, the SG-1 team try to track him down to ask for his help in recovering Jackson. When they do find him he is incarcerated in a mental institution.

Crystal Skull explains, a little better, why Daniel Jackson was so interested in the Stargate project and sees him laying to rest ghosts of the past. Jackson's grandfather refused to adopted him when his parents died and this has obviously concerned the old man for many years.

This is quiet a touching episode and the music is extremely well placed. While this story is not original the way it is handled is refreshingly so.

The ending seemed a little rushed but all in all this is a cracking episode.



Colonel O'Neill is transported aboard Asgard ship, which is orbiting the Earth. Thor is nowhere to be seen and O'Neill soon discovers that a swarm of Replicators (robotic spiders) are in the process of taking over the space ship so that they can land it on Earth and invest our planet. The only way to prevent this is if O'Neill changes the crafts flight plans so that it burns up on entering the Earth's atmosphere. Not a bad plan, but as he is trapped aboard the vessel it will result in his death.

Nemesis sees the introduction of the creepy Replicators who we will definitely be seeing more of in the future and as this is the last season of season 3 it wouldn't be complete without a cliffhanger and this is quiet a good one. The action is fast and furious and the pace rattles along at a nice, steady pace.

The effects are pretty impressive and the Replicators will have any arachnophobes reaching for the off button on their TV remote control.

A damn fine episode which brings to a close an excellent third series.

This disc only carries two episodes and while they are cracking episodes at that, fans will be forgiven for wanting more... And more they get. The extras on the DVD include three 30min behind the scenes documentary's which take fans behind the camera. Just under 1hr: 30mins of quality programing more than makes up for the lack of episodes on this volume. This is a damn fine DVD and I am looking forward to see what season four holds in store.

Darren Rea