Stargate SG-1
Volume 14

Starring: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks & Amanda Tapping
Certificate: PG
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A single
Replicator bug is loose on a Russian submarine. After reports that the Replicator is responsible for the death of all those on board the sub, the SG-1 team are sent in to destroy the bug before it replicates more bugs and its species over runs the Earth...

Small Victories is a wonderful homage to the movie Aliens. When we first see the Replicator it jumps onto a crew member of the Russian submarine and grabs his face like the face huggers from Aliens. Then there is a scene where the SG-1 team enter the sub which bears more than a passing resemblance to that famous scene from Aliens where the crew are killed and back at the control centre the only way we know they are dead is that their remote camera's show static instead of a view of their surroundings. And finally we get to see a Queen Replicator.

This is wonderfully nail biting stuff, even if the fact that the Asgard race are to advanced to produce basic weapons is a little too hard to swallow. This is a great way to start off season four and if the rest of the episodes from this year are half as good fans will be in for a treat.


The SG-1 team are sent on a humanitarian mission to help the inhabitants of Euronda. Two cultures are at war and SG-1 are eager to help the inhabitants that contact them for help in exchange for information on its advanced technology. Only Daniel Jackson raises ethical concerns about helping this race, but it is not long before the rest of SG-1 begin to have their doubts...

The other side stars Rene Auberjonois (Odo in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) as the leader of a race that appears to be at the mercy of an enemy that will stop at nothing to ensure his people are wiped out.

This episode marks an impressive turning point for the show. It seems that talking down to the fans has been dropped and the producers are now treating the viewers with a lot more respect. It is only when Auberjonois' character makes a racist remark towards Teal'c that we start to suspect that things are not as they seem.

One of the best episodes to date.


A Tok'ra representative presents the SG-1 team with a set of mysterious bracelets that give the wearer superhuman powers. O'Neill, Jackson and Carter volunteer to test the devices as well as volunteer for a suicide mission...

Upgrades sees Teal'c take a back seat while the rest of the crew try out their new powers. But, as is to be expected, not everything is as it seems and the Tok'ra representative has failed to reveal one important piece of information - that the bracelets can not be removed. As they are used, the bracelets dramatically weaken the wearer introducing a virus into their body. The race is on to save the members of SG-1 as well as ensure that they complete their extremely dangerous, unsanctioned mission.

Enjoyable fun with some pretty impressive effects.


An old lover of Teal'c's arrives, via the stargate, at SG-1 HQ. She claims that she can communicate with her symbiote which has told her that it is sympathetic to the Tok'ras' cause and wishes to help them by sharing a way of defeating the Goa'uld race...

Crossroads sees the return of Anise, the Tok'ra from Upgrades. I'm still trying to decide whether she is meant to be attractive or not. She looks older that she is obviously meant to be - the result of some very cheap plastic surgery - and her lips have had way too much collagen implanted into them - scary.

The episode is a little slow and not up to the usual high standard of the series. Shan'Auc is extremely beautiful and the 'is she, isn't she lying' element plays well. Again, some well placed humour (that is much needed) is injected by O'Neill, but while this episode helps to build the story line it is a little flat.


Special features on the disc include audio commentaries for each episode and the first in a series of The Secret Files of SGC. In addition, it is great to see that the DVD's animated menus have been changed. While they don't look anywhere near as aesthetically pleasing, they do get rid of the annoying long wait that was noticeable from last seasons DVDs.

A fine start to season four which has been beautifully presented by MGM Home Entertainment.

Darren Rea

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