Star Trek V:
The Final Frontier

Starring: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley
PHE 8024
Certificate: PG
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The crew of the USS Enterprise have their R&R disturbed when a renegade Vulcan hijacks their vessel and takes them on a quest to find God...

The original cast are off on their fifth cinematic outing and what a treat they have in store for... well, no one actually.

The Final Frontier was panned by critics and fans alike on its theatrical release and it is not hard to see why. Even die-hard fans will have a problem swallowing the shallow plot and anyone over four will laugh hysterically at the awful American feel-good buddy on-screen shenanigans of the three main characters.

From Kirk's unbelievable rock climbing openings to its unclimatic ending - where Kirk takes on God(?) and wins - it is obvious that Mr Shatner himself was responsible for the script. We know he can't act, we have heard he can't sing and now we can witness that he can't write.

What is even more inexcusable is that the standard DVD comes complete with the following extras: Theatrical trailer and teaser trailer... and that, lady's and gentlemen is your lot. For £20 you could be forgiven for wanting more. Even the special edition DVD contains little extra. CIC Should be ashamed of themselves but no doubt fans of the series will buy it for completion reasons.

Save your money and buy anything but this! The only reason this is getting 3 out of 10 instead of 1 is because that famous scene with Scotty still makes me laugh until my sides hurt.

Carrie Little