Ran: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - review

CoverSilva Screen Records release Toru Takemitsu’s haunting score to Akiro Kurosawa’s last epic film, Visually stunning, Ran was Kurosawa's last epic and his last great masterpiece. At the same time delicate and violent, the Japanese director’s feudal warlord story is bleak, brutal and breathtaking. The story is based on legends of the daimyo Mori Motonari, and draws parallels with Shakespeare’s King Lear... [click here...]



Lost in a Pyramid & Other Mummy Stories

CoverFrom the publishing house of the British Library comes Lost in a Pyramid & Other Classic Mummy Stories, a collection of twelve tales selected and edited by Andrew Smith – a knowledgeable reference of Nineteenth Century Gothic English Literature – and originating from the Golden Age of Egyptian-based British horror between 1869 and 1910... [click here...]


The Tale of Doris and the Dragon: Episode 1

CoverPoor Doris. There she was, sat at home minding her own business, when she suddenly found herself in Purgatory. Her guide to this new world is a call centre Dragon called Norb who hails from Liverpool. Norb is new to the job, but quickly realises that Doris really shouldn't be wandering around this part of Limbo. Rather than turning her off and back on again, Norb is on hand to help the lovely OAP crossover to Heaven, where she will be reunited with her loving husband Albert... if Personnel hasn't dropped the ball on that one too... [click here...]


The Nutty Professor I & II - Blu-ray review

CoverSherman Klump is a brilliant, if grossly overweight, professor. Although accepted by his overweight family, Sherman feels that his weight has made him socially awkward. In an effort to remedy the situation he uses one of his own formulas on himself, but instead of a more socially competent Sherman, the formula transforms him into the obnoxious Buddy Love... [click here...]


Ben Simpson (Arrogant Pixel) - Interview

CoverBen Simpson is the founder and lead designer / programmer at Arrogant Pixel, a company he launched in 2012. Arrogant Pixel is best known for the point and click adventure The Tale of Doris and the Dragon, that proved hugely popular on several indie portals such as Newgrounds in 2015. The original release of the game was created, almost single-handedly by Simpson. Arrogant Pixel is now a small team of five game developers based in South West London. Sci-fi-online caught up with Simpson as Part 1 of The Tale of Doris and The Dragon was released on iOS and Android... [click here...]


Mænd & Høns (Men & Chicken) - DVD review

CoverWhen brothers Elias and Gabriel discover they are in fact adopted, they travel to a remote island to meet their biological father and brothers for the first time. While Gabriel tries to civilise the family of outcasts, Elias finds he fits right in with them. But they soon realise there’s something strange about the brothers – not to mention a mystery surrounding the identities of their mothers and their father’s unusual scientific experiments... [click here...]


Suicide Squad - Soundtrack review

CoverWaterTower Music release Steven Price's score for Suicide Squad. A U.S. intelligence officer decides to assemble a team of dangerous, incarcerated supervillains for a top-secret mission. Now armed with government weapons, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc and others must learn to work together. Dubbed Task Force X, the criminals unite to battle a mysterious and powerful entity, while the diabolical Joker launches an evil agenda of his own... [click here...]


Mycroft Holmes and the Apocalypse Handbook

CoverBasketball legend, novelist and superstar polymath Kareem Abdul-Jabbar brings his take on Sherlock Holmes’s older brother to comics! The diffident, brilliant Mycroft Holmes is pulled into a globe-spanning adventure at the behest of Queen Victoria and a secret organisation at the heart of the British government. A madman is on the loose with civilisation-destroying weapons, each two hundred years in advance of the status quo. Can the smartest man in England set aside his idle, womanising ways for long enough to track down the foe that may be his match…? [click here...]


Terry Pratchett's Small Gods - Graphic novel

CoverIn the beginning was the Word and the Word was: "Hey, you!". This is the Discworld, after all, and religion is a controversial business. Everyone has their own opinions, and their own gods, all elbowing for space at the top. In such a competitive situation, it's not exactly helpful to be reduced to the form of a tortoise, a shape far below god-like status in anyone's book. The Great God Om, tortoise, needs followers, and fast. Brutha the novice is his Chosen One - or at least the only One available. He wants peace and justice and brotherly love. He also wants the Inquisition to stop torturing him now, please... Follow the misadventures of Om and Brutha in fully illustrated form for the first time in this new adaptation of Terry Pratchett's bestselling novel... [click here...]


Star Trek Beyond - Soundtrack review

CoverVarèse Sarabande release Michael Giacchino's original score for Star Trek Beyond. The next installment in the globally popular Star Trek franchise, created by Gene Roddenberry and reintroduced by J.J. Abrams in 2009, returns with the Enterprise crew exploring the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test... [click here...]