Thelma - Blu-ray review

CoverWhen Thelma goes to university she moves away from her ultraconservative Christian parents. Her new surroundings are both enticing and intimidating, so Thelma leads a solitary life until she meets Anja. Her burgeoning relationship creates an inner turmoil between her desires and upbringing manifesting itself in her growing psychic powers… [click here...]


The Wonderful World of Tank Girl #3 - Comic

CoverTank Girl goes undercover and Sub Girl goes under the covers in this spy-thriller epic! With a group of lookalikes hogging the limelight, the team treat themselves to a vacation at one of Jet Girl’s numerous stately homes. But when they get the blame for the crimes of their impersonators, there’s only one way out – acting like a bunch of stupid secret agents…! [click here...]


Quantum Leap: Complete Collection - Blu-ray

CoverPhysicist Sam Beckett finds himself trapped leaping through spacetime with his holographic guide Al during a time travel experiment that went wrong. Beckett takes the place of a different person in a different time period each week where he and Al have to correct historical mistakes before moving on... [click here...]


Movie Trump Cards: Sci-fi - Toy review

CoverPeople of earth, prepare yourselves for the ultimate showdown of classic sci-fi films. Who has the best special effects – Avatar or Gravity? Who has the biggest cult following – The Matrix or ET? Which film best predicted the future – Blade Runner or 2001: A Space Odyssey? Journey to a land far, far away with this set of 32 intergalactic trump cards... [click here...]


Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde - Blu-Ray/DVD

CoverProfessor Jekyll is working on a universal antidote to disease. When he tries it on a fly the insect survives longer than its normal lifespan by changing sex to female. This sets him on a new path of research: an elixir of life using female hormones. The first time he tries it on himself he metamorphoses into a completely female version of himself, who he passes off to nosy neighbours as his sister. Jekyll employs the mortuary attendant to pass him recently deceased female bodies, before using the dubious services of body snatchers Burke and Hare. However, when that avenue dries up he is forced to search the foggy streets of Victorian London for live victims. All the while his female form of Mrs Hyde is exerting evil dominance over his natural male form… and she has foul plans... [click here...]


To The Devil A Daughter - Blu-Ray/DVD

CoverHenry Beddows approaches John Verney, a man with knowledge of the occult, to intercept and protect his daughter Catherine. She has been raised by a satanic cult called Children of the Lord. The leader is an excommunicated priest who is determined to get her back. It seems she is an integral part of a black magic ceremony involving a demonic baby... [click here...]


The Horror Of Frankenstein - Blu-Ray/DVD

CoverVictor Frankenstein walks out of medical school when he believes he can learn no more… and after getting the Dean’s daughter pregnant. When his father dies, Frankenstein returns to the castle where he creates a laboratory with a fellow student. Victor spends all his time attempting to bring life to dead body parts – punctuated only by bedding the maid. Eventually he is obliged to seek the help of a grave robber. However, his success in creating a living creature is tempered by a systematic down-turn of events. Both his colleague and his lovely maid turn against him, so Frankenstein uses the creature to remove his obstacles. But the creature’s activities attract the interest of the local police... [click here...]


Augmented Reality Gun - Gadget review

CoverVirtual and augmented reality has been on the horizon for a while now. Alongside 4K and 3D they are technologies which are diametrically split between entry level solutions to the more expensive solutions costing hundreds of pounds... [click here...]


Star Wars: Stormtrooper Lightbox - review

CoverAdvanced holographic images like those in Star Wars may be a little way off from home installation, but these awesome Holopane light boxes come pretty close. Turn it on to see a lit up life-like image of a stormtrooper’s mask that appears to follow you around the room, changing appearance when viewed from different angles. It’s actually a very clever optical illusion, but it’s definitely one that will start conversations and cause amazement... [click here...]


Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Soundtrack review

CoverWalt Disney Records releases the original motion picture soundtrack for Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. The album features a new score conducted and composed by five-time Academy Award-winning composer John Williams... [click here...]