The Librarians: The Complete First Season - DVD

Cover Flynn Carson may appear to be an ordinary librarian working at the world-famous Metropolitan Library, but beneath the public library lies the centuries-old headquarters of scholars and adventurers who investigate the bizarre, collect dangerous artifacts and save the world from supernatural threats. When an ancient conspiracy threatens to destroy technology and bring back the age of magic, Flynn and his new Guardian, Eve Baird, must recruit three extraordinary people - a secretive scholar/cowboy who works on an oil pipeline, a hospital attendant who has the extraordinary gift of synesthesia – the ability to link all five senses to her memory, and a world-class thief - to join in the quest. If these new recruits fail, the world will be plunged into a new Dark Age. But if they succeed (and survive), they will become the new Librarians... [click here...]



Jetsons: The Movie (1990) - DVD review

Cover When George Jetson gets a promotion, he moves to outer space with the entire family: Jane, Judy, Elroy, Rosie the Robot and Astro the family dog. But soon the family discovers that George's company is destroying the homes of the Grungies, the friendly underground creatures who live on the same asteroid... [click here...]


The Haunting - Book review

Cover It has been seven years since Emma’s accident confined her to a wheelchair, seven years since she has seen her grandmother or the Waterwitch inn in Cornwall. Returning to Cornwall, because of her grandmother's failing health, Emma is reunited with Jem, a childhood friend and his sister, Shell. Together they will have to confront the inn's dark history and the threat which may yet still live within its walls... [click here...]


The Capture - Book review

Cover In a not too distant dystopian future, young men and women find themselves confined to camps. In the male camp the LT are told that they are being trained for military service. In the female camp twins are investigated and experimented on. Having escaped the camps with a number of the inmates, Book, Hope and Cat have led their small group to relative safety. Unable to forget or live with the knowledge of the true purpose of the camps, the three return once again with the hopeless task of freeing everybody, from both camps... [click here...]


Kung Fu Panda 3 - Soundtrack review

Cover Sony Classical release Hans Zimmer's score for Kung Fu Panda 3. When Po's long-lost panda father suddenly reappears, the reunited duo travels to a secret panda paradise to meet scores of hilarious new panda characters. But when the supernatural villain Kai begins to sweep across China defeating all the kung fu masters, Po must do the impossible - learn to train a village full of his fun-loving, clumsy brethren to become the ultimate band of Kung Fu Pandas... [click here...]


Batman: Eclipse Light - Gadget review

Cover The streets of suburbia will never be the same again, once you send out the Bat signal with your very own Batman Light. This sexy silhouette light can be used with the base provided as a mood lamp, or can be wall mounted, and is perfect for every Batman fan. So, whether you’re fighting crime from your front room, or bringing a bit of Gotham to your boudoir, you are sure to be the envy of every comic book geek around... [click here...]


Doctor Who: Four Doctors - Graphic novel review

Cover Chaos rules when three Doctors meet – the universe-shattering crossover the Laws of Time said should never happen! The tenth, eleventh and twelfth incarnations of the Doctor come face to face for the first time ever, with guest cameos from past incarnations, and an astonishing mystery at the story’s heart! Under attack by the Reapers, the antibodies of the universe! A photograph that should never have been taken, that spells doom for reality! A breathless chase through three TARDISes! A hidden enemy lurking outside of known time! Manoeuvred into an impossible meeting, the Doctors and their companions must uncover an immensely powerful foe, fix the time stream, and right an ancient wrong... [click here...]


The House on Pine Street - DVD review

Cover Jennifer Branagan’s husband relocates them to her childhood home state of Kansas, after she has suffered an unexpected mental breakdown. She is seven months pregnant, and Luke believes it is the ideal place to have their baby. But her opinionated and overbearing mother, Meredith, immediately tries to take control of her life. Furthermore, the house they have rented harbours a dark and violent force which only she experiences. Is she suffering another serious relapse, or is the house really haunted? Her constant fear and unease is only exacerbated by the way people behave around her. Feeling a stranger in a location where she should be at ease, Jennifer begins to reach out for help. But are the locals wary of her or the house...? [click here...]


The Philosopher Kings - Book review

Cover Twenty year have passed since the goddess Athene founded the Just City to prove the ideas set out in Plato’s Republic. Things have not gone well with many leaving to found their own cities under alternate forms of government. Art raids have become common and in the most recent raid Pythias’s partner is killed. Fuelled with a desire for revenge, he sets out across the sea to hunt down the man he holds responsible... [click here...]


Maresi - Book review

Cover The Red Abby stands alone on an isolated island far from the shipping lanes. So hard is it to find that for many the Abby has taken on mythical proportions in the many surrounding lands. It is a place of safety and knowledge for the female only population; men being forbidden even to set foot on the sacred ground. Maresi is an enquiring mind. Saved from the hardships of the outside world she spend all her spare time reading, but her safety and that of all the women are threatened when Jai arrives on the island... [click here...]